Review: The Chedi Muscat Oman


Our room was on the second floor of the main building. We had a splendid view overlooking the main pool and the sea. The room represented a fusion of Arabian and modern interior elements. The colors were kept in earthy tones which matched the general appearance of the hotel and thereby resembled the omanian landscape and atmosphere. 
When walking into the room you find yourself in the middle of a cozy bath and dressing room area. The shower and the toilet were in separate rooms. For making yourself look like an Arabian princess there is a huge mirror with a little pouf in front of it to feel comfortable while doing your hair and makeup.
Behind this first part of the room, there is a pillowy bed with new chocolate and Arabian calligraphy as a good night wish on it. Every night after dinner you can curiously come back to your room to find the newest card. 


The 8.5 acres hotel area represents Arabian generosity. It seems like they put a lot of thought and effort in every little corner of the hotel. The main attractions probably are the three pools. The main pool was the only one that allowed children but was nevertheless beautiful and not too noisy. The second one was placed next to the beach restaurant (which by the way serves the best daily fish!) and attracts the eye by infinity pool vies. It really is the perfect spot to make that perfect Instagram shot. The last pool, by all means, isn't the least attractive one. With a length of 103 meters, there is enough space to make your morning swim or just relax on one of the daybeds. 

The 103 meters pool

The main pool
The infinity pool

Part of the hotel at night - looks like 1001 nights

Every part of the hotel looks amazing! (Even more beautiful with the best boyfriend in it)


Sadly the evening beach restaurant was closed without any explanation. Luckily the other restaurants were open... and served amazing food! The main restaurant offered an amazing breakfast buffet. Additionally to the buffet, you could choose à la cart from eggs, pancakes, porridge, and waffles. Even if something you desire isn't on the menu, they won't let you down and try everything to make it happen.
For Lunch there are two options. There is one bar like the restaurant at the main pool area and one next to the infinity pool. We mostly preferred the one by the infinity pool. As mentioned, it served a mouth-watering "catch of the day"! If you aren't a seafood lover there were plenty other options like salads, wagyu-burgers, some traditional omanian food and some meat variations.
Since one restaurant was closed there was only one option in the evening. Nevertheless, this option didn't disappoint. The built-in small kitchens offered a variety of different kind of foods. You could choose between French, Italian, and a traditional omanian style dinner. The show-cooking effect of the small counters made the experience even more impressive (and if you don't have a lot of conversation topics with your dinner partner you could just distract yourself and talk about how they make the food (don't worry this luckily wasn't the case for us ;)

"catch of the day" with rice and fries at the beach restaurant

Outside tables from the main restaurant


The staff was overly nice from the beginning. Just keep in mind that they might don't get the concept of couples who aren't married and consequently call you married (This just made our trip even more fun). Another scene which proved their love for hospitality was their reaction after they called us a taxi with an extremely rude driver. After complaining about the driver they deeply apologized and booked us a complimentary hotel car for the next ride. 

View when walking to the infinity pool

Price to performance ratio

Since we traveled there in July, the hit the off-season and therefore the prices for the rooms were rather low. Contrary to the relatively low room prices the prices of the restaurant remained unchanged and were rather pricey (more than all the other restaurants in 5-star hotels we tried in Muscat). 


Like mentioned before we went there in July. First, we were a bit scared that it might be too hot because at this time temperatures can hit the 50 degrees Celsius mark. Our fear was unsubstantiated because the temperature felt more agreeable than a hot day in Italy, especially with the sea wind. We highly recommend this season, also because there are way fewer people and you feel like you own the place.

We truly loved our time in this beautiful, splendid and wonderful place. We felt like being in a 1001 nights fairy tale. We can't wait to come back again!

The beach

View of the infinity pool from the long pool

The walk between the infinity pool and the long pool during an amazing sunset

We hope this review helped you and if you have some more questions don't hesitate to ask them!



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